Wash the tattoo 3 times per day for a minimum of 2 weeks. After the majority of the healing is done (1-2 weeks average), you may reduce washing the tattoo to once per day, until the healing is complete.(6 to 8 weeks.)


A) Wash your hands first.


B.) Wet the tattoo with clean water.

C.) Gently lather with a mild soap; one that does NOT contain perfume, antibacterial, or antiseptic ingredients. (Do NOT use a washcloth.)


D.) Rinse well.


E.) Let the tattoo air dry  (Do NOT use a blow dryer.). Patting/dabbing the tattoo dry with a clean, smooth towel, or paper towel is acceptable, only when necessary. (Air drying leaves no material behind on the tattoo.)

Apply only a thin layer of cream to the tattoo and rub it in. Do this after it air drys.

Always use laundered (clean) bedding/clothing when protecting the tattoo. (Cover the tattoo ONLY when necessary.) For sleeping, cover the tattoo with a clean piece of clothing, bandage or paper towel for the first 3 nights sleep. If blood sticks to anything, do NOT pull it off. Soak the stuck material until it comes off with ease. Remove sleeping bandage as soon as you wake up.


The tattoo will dry out, peel, and flake, these are normal steps in the healing process.


Store your cream in cool place.




-DO NOT soak the tattoo. (No hot tubs, baths, swimming pools, salt/fresh water, etc. for a minimum of 20 days.) Water should only contact the tattoo when you are washing it/showering.

-DO NOT apply anything to the tattoo that was not advised by your artist. (No alcohol/peroxide, questionable creams/sprays, unsanitary/unlaundered materials.)

-DO NOT rub, pick or scratch the tattoo. (Do not touch the tattoo unless you have clean hands and are either washing it or applying ointment)

-DO NOT starve the tattoo of air. (Using too much ointment/ keeping it covered will starve the tattoo of air.) You want to expose the tattoo to clean air as often as possible.

-DO NOT let blood dry on the tattoo or into any clothing/bandages that may be covering the tattoo. Also, don't use any bandages/clothing that will stick to the tattoo.

-DO NOT drink alcohol for 24hrs before or after the tattoo is applied. (Alcohol thins blood, causing more bleeding, which will draw more of the tattoos pigment out of your skin.)

-DO NOT share ointment with anyone.

-Avoid tanning beds/sun exposure for at least 6 weeks and when tanning/out in the sun use a quality sunscreen (SPF 45 or higher) on the tattoo.

***Remember - from this point on, the outcome of the appearance of your tattoo, in relation to how it appears now, is entirely in your hands. The more you take care of it, the better it will look in the future. The healing of your tattoo should progress as time passes. If you have ANY questions or concerns, please contact Raptor Tattoo.




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