Q.     How old do i have to be to get a tattoo?

Here at RaptorZ Tattoo, we require a parent or legal guardian to sign a waver form if you are under the age of 18. You must be at least 16 years old.

Q.     How much does a tattoo cost?

All tattoos are charged by time. Our rate is $150.00 per hour and we have a minimum charge of $80.00 for a 1/2 hour. These prices do not include GST or ointment.

Q.     Is it safe?

Your new tattoo is applied under the strictest guidelines. We are a health inspected & approved studio.

All needles are new and sterilized in a steam and pressure sterilizer known as an autoclave. All tubes are sterilized in the same manner. The needle and tube assemblies used in each client remain in a sealed, sterile bag until they are removed in front of the client. Pigment receptacles and excess pigments and any other items are disposed of after use. Disposable gloves are worn by the artist at all times.

Q.     What if I have a skin condition? (i.e. sunburn, tan, acne, eczema)

If you come in for your appointment with a sunburn, psoriasis or eczema, we will not guarantee that the ink will hold in the skin. The simple reason is that you are coming in with damaged skin, and damaged skin does not always hold the ink. If you do need a touch up after getting a tattoo with this condition, you will have to pay a materials charge.

If you have acne in the area to be tattooed, you need to pick a different spot for the tattoo. We cannot tattoo over acne as this can cause an infection (through spreading the bacteria that causes the acne to the tattoo).

If you come in with tanned skin, or have natually darker skin, certain colours are not going to show up well. If you insist that we use them, they can look muted, discoloured or faded upon healing. In short, darker or tanned skin makes it like you are looking at the tattoo through tinted glass.

Q.     How do i know if the tattoo shop is clean

Cleanliness is of the utmost importance. Take a look around; do you like what you see? Trust your eyes and your instincts. If you have any doubts run, don’t walk, to the nearest exit. Better safe than sorry. Ask if there is an autoclave on premises and if so, do they spore test? The answer to both questions should be yes and they should be able to show you proof. The artists supplies should be single-use disposable and the artist should change their gloves frequently during the tattoo process. Smoking, eating and pets should be restricted on the premises.

Q.     Do I need an appointment?

We work by both appointment and walk-ins. You don’t always need an appointment, but they are usually ideal! We reserve time on Saturdays just for walk-in clients, but take them on other days when possible. Walk-in clients are taken on a first come, first serve basis. We cannot guarantee availability. Some artists book 1-2 months or more in advance, so plan ahead. Appointments require a deposit and must be made in person. Deposits are non-refundable and are applied to the final cost of your tattoo, providing you cancel or arrive in a timely manner. If you are ½ hour or more late for an appointment or cancel without a minimum of 24hours notice you will forfeit the deposit.

Q.     Can i have a drink before i get tatoooed?

It is illegal and ill advised to get tattooed while under the influence of alcohol. Contrary to popular belief, alcohol will not make your experience any better. It actually makes the process more difficult for you as well as the artist and raises the risk of complications. Other drugs, including Marijuana, can also have a negative impact on the process.

Q.     Can i bring in my own drawing?

We encourage you to bring in your own artwork or references and ideas that our artists can use to draw you a custom tattoo. A custom tattoo is a tattoo designed with you specifically in mind, made to fit your personal tastes as well as your body shape perfectly. We believe your tattoo should be yours and will not tattoo it on anyone else. Our artist may need to rework your personal drawings based on the drawings’ “tattooability”. Custom tattoos require a deposit as well as time for the artist to draw. The amount of time necessary to draw your tattoo will depend on the scope of the piece as well as how booked the artist is. Once the artist has drawn for you he/she will re-work it, if necessary, until you are satisfied. Your deposit will be applied to the final cost/session of your tattoo. If you choose not to be tattooed or decide to cancel your appointment without sufficient notice, your deposit is considered a drawing fee.

Q.     How big does my tattoo have to be?

The size depends on the complexity of the image/text and the area of the body where the tattoo is being placed. In general, tattoos that look big on paper look far smaller in the larger context of your body. We will gladly consult with you to determine the best way to meet your needs and get a tattoo that will survive the test of time.

Q.     Can you fix/cover-up a bad tattoo i have?

Probably. Not every tattoo is an ideal candidate for fixing or covering. Additionally cover-ups require a special skill set and not all artists are good at them. A consult is essential to determine and discuss what imagery is necessary to adequately cover the old work. Consults are free and generally take 10-30minutes to complete. Two of the most frequently covered tattoo designs are gang related and lovers’ names. In consideration of this fact, our artists may choose not to do them.

Q.     Can you tattoo over a scar?

It depends on the severity and maturity of the scar. This is judged on a case-by-case basis; in general, a scar should be at least one year old. Come in to discuss your options.

Q.     Does it hurt?

Yes. No. Maybe. Pain varies from person to person and from day to day. Most people compare getting a tattoo to the discomfort of scratching a sunburn. Relax, don’t fight it and it will all be over soon… or in a few hours, depending on the size of the tattoo.

Q.     What is the most painful place to be tattooed?

Again, pain is subjective and varies from person to person. Do not choose an area or a size based on the pain factor. The beauty of the tattoo will last for decades longer than the brief period of discomfort it takes to complete the tattoo.

Q.     What if i am allergic to latex?

In general, it is important to inform your artist of any allergies or medical conditions. Nitrile gloves are the industry standard for the tattoo procedure. Use of latex gloves for the tattoo procedure is antiquated and unsafe and a strong indication that you should choose another studio.

Q.     How long can i expect my tattoo to take to heal?

Tattoos when cared for properly takes approximately around 3 weeks to initially heal. After 3 weeks you should be able to resume normal activities (swimming, gym, etc.) It takes a couple months for full healing.

Q.     What area of the body is hardest to heal?

Blood flow is an integral part of the healing process so the closer to the heart the better the healing. Healing of the lower legs and feet can take longer based on that fact. Another significant factor in healing is friction. Tattoos on the torso where clothing constricts and where pivotal movement is constant can lead to longer heal times and complications. Areas of the body with natural seams, like elbows and knees can have a harder time healing as well.

Q.     Is it normal for my new tattoo to scab?

Scabbing, flaking, peeling, dryness and a hazy appearance are all natural parts of the healing process. However, severe scabs that are deep and thick may indicate a need to change your aftercare routine and should be addressed with your tattoo artist.

Q.     Can I tan?

Stay out of the sun and tanning booths, especially during the healing process. Any form of tanning can and will damage and fade a tattoo. If you are a sun worshiper, we recommend a SPF 30+ sun block for life.

Q.     What happens if my tattoo gets infected?

More often than not, what you perceive as an infection is actually an irritation. Allergic reactions or infections are extremely rare. If you think there is an issue, please come speak with your artist. If there is an actual infection, a physician will help you get healthy.

Q.     Do you do free touch ups?

90% of the time our artists will continue to touch-up their work for as long as you can find them. (That is not true of every studio!) Hands, feet and neck tattoos are exceptions to the touch-up policy. With those areas of the body you get one free touch-up within the first year. Other exceptions to receiving a free touch-up include setting and then blowing off your touch-up appointment or blatant disregard of proper tattoo aftercare. Simply put, disregarding the importance of your artists’ time and advice disqualifies you from free touch-ups. If your behavior has fallen under the disrespectful category your future appointments may require gifts, money and/or apologies. It is also important to note that most tattoos do not require a touch-up! If you think you need one or are unsure, simply drop by the studio and ask your artist.

Q.     What if i dont like it?

Tattoo removal is still a painful, expensive and imperfect process. It is best to circumvent the need for tattoo removal by choosing your artist and design wisely and then taking care of it dilligently. Remember, a little extra time planning will save a lot of time regretting. You want to be sure you are getting a tattoo that you will be happy with for the rest of your life. If even with the best of planning and intentions the end result is still not perfect come back to the studio to discuss your options.

Cancellation Policy

Deposits are applied to the cost of your tattoo with the following conditions. • Deposits are non-refundable. If you cancel your appointment you may receive a copy of your drawing or reference material but not your deposit. • 24hr Notice is required to change appointments. Without at least 24hr notice your deposit is forfeit. 48hrs or more notice is strongly preferred. • Clients arriving 30 minutes late will forfeit their appointment time and their deposit. A new deposit will be required to set another appointment. • Arrange to review custom drawings at least 24hrs prior to your appointment to allow time for necessary changes. •

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