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Tammy Adam On: Aug 4, 2015 At: 11:25 AM
Kevin did my tattoo in July 14th, 2015 and did a wonderful job. It took me 18 years to come back, but it will not take that long to get my third. Raptor is the only place I will have my tattoos done.
Jason Stewart On: Jul 16, 2015 At: 5:56 PM
Gonzalo has placed his art on both of my arms. The Lion of Judah, dog howling, a custom crucifixion scene, a blue dove, and the amazing decaying skull. I truly look forward to our sessions, he is extremely laid back and easy to talk to. Plus he occasionally lets me pick the music. I enjoy every visit to Raptor, all the people there are fun to chat with. It is a great place to add art to your body.
Iris On: Jul 15, 2015 At: 9:34 PM
Just wanted to thank Gonzalo for the amazing tattoos, he is a fantastically amazing artist and I live both my tattoos, Gonzalo made the experience fun. Can't wait to have him do more.
ed 76 On: Jul 9, 2015 At: 10:43 PM
Gonzalo did my tattoo . Very professional, down to earth . Easy to communicate. Amazing artist. Will see you soon .
Amanda Postma On: Jun 28, 2015 At: 5:04 PM
I just got my very first tattoo done by Kevin, I was very nervous and freaked out about the pain but he was very good about it! If I get another done it will definitely be here!
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